CDIO welcomes a new school - Universidad Fidélitas, region Latin America

CDIO council has accepted a new school in region Latin America as member of the worldwide CDIO collaborative: 

Universidad Fidélitas - "Based on our STEM methodology, we encourage our students to develop active thinking and creativity, learning by doing, innovative development, and teamwork, so that our graduates are able to face challenges and accelerated technological changes."

What goals do you hope to achieve by joining CDIO collaborative?
1. Bring our programs to a level of best practice
2. Be a benchmark in our region as a university that has fully implemented the CDIO approach
3. Directly benefit students so that they have superior performance when, being graduates, they join different industries or when they develop their own enterprises.
4. Expand our network with universities that already belong to the CDIO initiative, achieving direct benefits such as exchanges of teachers and students, development of joint scientific research and development of projects with great impact in our university, country and region.


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